Energy to Keep Going . . . . to the (VO2) Max

Occasionally, drawing on my deep memories of Captain Kangaroo, I find myself silently repeating “I think I can, I think I can.” Have you been there? Maybe at times when you were attempting something new, or encouraging yourself toward some improvement? You may remember that ‘mantra’ from the children’s story The Little Engine that Could, … Read more

Can All Seniors HIIT Improved Levels of Glucose Safely?

What do you think when you hear “blogger?”  I imagine that many people equate the term with someone who writes (perhaps even daily) about something of interest in their lives, or which they are personally investigating.  One example that springs to my mind is the blogger’s story that was developed into the movie Julie and … Read more

School ‘Daze’ a Misnomer for Older Students?

New Findings about Possible Dementia Risk Reduction   Without fail, for the last few decades, every time the November / December time frame is upon us, I find myself saying “oh no, I haven’t completed my Continuing Education (CE) requirements yet.”  Every January I swear I will do it ‘sooner this year’, but so far … Read more


The 1st Rule of Aging well – Avoid the Landmines That first rule is actually not mine.  I saw it years ago somewhere, but it always puts prevention in perspective for me.  I think of it as being Mindful to Avoid the Landmines.  We hear so much about what to eat, drugs to take, exercise … Read more