Vitamin-D Craze — Fallacy or Function?

Have you jumped onto the popular Vitamin D bandwagon? Most likely, if you have visited your doctor recently and blood tests were ordered, a recommendation was made for this previously less-than-routine lab work (specifically, 25-Hydroxy Vit C, Calciferol, Total D2 & D3). My health care professional passionately suggested it. (She is actually an FNP – … Read moreVitamin-D Craze — Fallacy or Function?

Do the Benefits of Rebounding go Up and Down?

 I am posting this around “Happy Heart Day” — okay, okay, it is generally known as Valentine’s Day; still this second section on Rebounding has ‘Happy Heart’ (cardiac) benefits to celebrate. In the first post The Ups and Downs of that Rebounder thing I made note of different resources to read about the concept behind … Read moreDo the Benefits of Rebounding go Up and Down?