Vitamin-D Craze — Fallacy or Function?

Have you jumped onto the popular Vitamin D bandwagon? Most likely, if you have visited your doctor recently and blood tests were ordered, a recommendation was made for this previously less-than-routine lab work (specifically, 25-Hydroxy Vit C, Calciferol, Total D2 & D3). My health care professional passionately suggested it. (She is actually an FNP – … Read more

Can All Seniors HIIT Improved Levels of Glucose Safely?

What do you think when you hear “blogger?”  I imagine that many people equate the term with someone who writes (perhaps even daily) about something of interest in their lives, or which they are personally investigating.  One example that springs to my mind is the blogger’s story that was developed into the movie Julie and … Read more

Nocturia – or just typical nighttime visitations?

When I was a little girl we occasionally visited relatives in a small rural hamlet in the countryside where New York, Vermont and Massachusetts are all neighbors.  Outside of Brunswick New York, which is itself outside of Troy New York, this little hamlet was multiple times removed from the ‘big city’ (meaning Troy). Even at … Read more

Avoiding Just 5 will Get You By – Part II

The WORST of additives & preservatives to avoid Part II You will remember from Part I that I have a QUICK list of 5 categories to avoid in food.   As I mention in that part if you can eliminate all five (5) you would be taking a VAST step in cleaning up your additives act.  … Read more