A Secret about Age and High Blood Pressure

 – it may NOT BE High Blood Pressure. Tips to Safeguard yourself. I generally have good blood pressure (BP) levels – but I still watch it periodically.  Not everyone is so lucky.  What if your doctor tells you that you have high blood pressure (or hypertension) and that it is natural as you age?  Are … Read more

Do the Benefits of Rebounding go Up and Down?

 I am posting this around “Happy Heart Day” — okay, okay, it is generally known as Valentine’s Day; still this second section on Rebounding has ‘Happy Heart’ (cardiac) benefits to celebrate. In the first post The Ups and Downs of that Rebounder thing I made note of different resources to read about the concept behind … Read more

The Ups and Downs of that Rebounder-thing

The word ‘aerobics’ came about when the gym instructors got together and said: If we’re going to charge $10 an hour, we can’t call it Jumping up and down. — Rita Rudner, American comedian and actress   Of all the people who have visited a Garage Sale or a Second-Hand Shop in the last decade, … Read more

MICRO POST – One Trick to avoid Dehydration from Caffeine or Alcohol

Having lived in Arizona for a long while, dehydration is an issue I don’t take lightly.  There are multiple levels of dehydration from severe to mild – and conversely good habits that aid in extra hydrating to ensure salubrious results. Technically dehydration is described as a bodily imbalance between the fluids consumed for healthy processes … Read more

Avoiding Just 5 will Get You By – Part II

The WORST of additives & preservatives to avoid Part II You will remember from Part I that I have a QUICK list of 5 categories to avoid in food.   As I mention in that part if you can eliminate all five (5) you would be taking a VAST step in cleaning up your additives act.  … Read more

Avoiding Just 5 Will Get You By -Part I

 The Worst of additives & preservatives to avoid Part I Reading the Summary Here’s the deal.  For those of you who like short articles only, if you read the first few sections below and want to stop – you will have most of the information you need. Aside from allowing your eyes to glaze over … Read more

Plain speaking about hiccups – or not?

  I have actually had rather few doctors in my life, but I have had enough to know that they are not all created equally.  I have had more in the alternative world but some in the traditional medical field as well (not to mention the complimentary specialists).  Some of these physicians have spoken in … Read more