Heart Protection in 10 Seconds

I love the small steps I can take in life to improve myself or decrease risks of ill health and injury.  Let me rephrase that: I love them only when they are small.  The smaller, the better.  Teeny, best.  This does not mean that I don’t attempt more significant changes, but success with the more … Read more

A Dozen Things Learned During 2016

After I kept a list of things learned last year (for 2015) I found it fun to log such new facts and ideas.  My list may be very different than your own might be, but hopefully some of my dozen may be candidates for your list too.  Truth be told, it turned out there was … Read more

Interviewing a Nonagenarian – Shirley B.

Note: To lighten reading – and writing – loads during this month of doubtless numerous activities, this is my one special post to you. I will ‘see’ you again in the New Year. Interviewing Shirley B. Of late, an inspiration hit me.  I don’t have many relatives on ‘my side’ of the family and certainly … Read more

Vitalizing the Family Memory Bank….. What’s the Payback this Thanksgiving?

For various reasons, this Thanksgiving will be stressful for me.  Many find it that way every year; family battles at the TG dining table are ubiquitous.  Conversely, there is a thoughtful, positive side to the holiday.  Thanksgiving time often brings to mind exactly what it is supposed to – things for which we are grateful.  … Read more

Potpourri of Opinions……. Suggestions from Health Care Professionals

I have always liked variety in my life.  It’s a major reason that this blog is not concentrated strictly on one subject, or one way to age with pizzazz.  To mix things up a bit, I thought you might like to read an assortment of ideas from different professionals. Many of them are local to … Read more

Are Houseplants Fun? Decorative? …….Or a Longevity Asset?

“No more houseplants,” I emphatically declared when I relocated a couple years ago.  I didn’t want to be bothered with their maintenance.  I was moving to a place with considerably lush landscaping compared to where I had lived in Scottsdale, Arizona.  This is despite the fact that the Valley of the Sun (encompassing Scottsdale, Phoenix … Read more

Are YOU Ready? Never Too Old for a Dozen NEW Tips.

A primary goal of the Aging with Pizzazz blog is capturing low-hanging fruit.  Working with and writing about longevity from a simple point-of-view, one of my favorite pieces of advice has always been: Avoid the Landmines. Obvious huh?  Nevertheless, whether it involves defensive driving, not smoking, thwarting slips and falls, emergency planning, or any other … Read more

What ‘Sense’ Declines with Age? — MICRO POST

If I asked what sense declines with age, I would wager that the last response I would receive from my readers is ‘common sense.’  Pretty much everyone on this blog would agree that common sense increases over the age of 50.  Perchance, it even increases on a forward trajectory curve – nearly straight up.  Certainly … Read more

Don’t Look Back — You Aren’t Going that Way

In downtown Ashland, Oregon there is a store named Paddington Station, a lovely shop with a true myriad of neat odds and ends.  On a recent visit, I was waiting at the restroom with its ‘do not disturb’ sign showing.  As I stood there minute after minute after minute, I began peering around at nearby … Read more

How do you Stop a Charley Horse? …… Is Riding it Out all we can do?

On a startlingly clear summer night several weeks ago, I was enjoying an outdoor grilling with friends on an upper-story deck overlooking mountains, with birds flitting in the trees next to us and a breeze providing the perfect temperature after an uncomfortably hot day.  Following a lovely dinner, a bottle of wine and a bit … Read more