MICRO POST – 3 Activities for Screen & TV Sitting

MICRO POST – 3 Activities for Screen & TV Sitting

For me, information-overload is constant. While sincerely interested in them, I keep half of my emails for a rainy day that never comes. I try to be aware of this phenomenon for my readers. Nevertheless, Mark Twain’s words come back to me as a warning much too frequently:

I didn’t have time to write a short letter,
so I wrote a long one instead.”

Here’s an exception. Hopefully, this is a micro blog, with a maxi tip.

There is myriad information about sitting in general and even more about days hypnotized in front of the computer. We know that the biomechanics and ill effects of sitting are thorny for us all. Last year, it became popular to talk about “sitting as the new smoking.”

As we age, it IS possible to maintain flexibility; but unless you’re very lucky, it takes some care. That flexibility is key in recovering pain-free movement after hours of sitting – no matter where. Hence, there is much to cover, but I am going to keep this discourse to 3 ideas. Since they are quick and simple, they might stick with you. If you try each once (actually perform them – maybe even as you are reading this), you will likely remember them. You can reverse order one and two, but best to keep #3 last.

While sitting:

  1. Cross arms as if you are cold (with hands cupping elbows). Place knees together. With little noticeable movement (isometric) squeeze the arms together; at the same time squeeze gluteal (buttock), groin and thigh muscles. It feels like squashing the whole body tightly. Hold (a full) 10 seconds; do it 2-3 times.
  2. Place hands under your thighs and grab your ‘seat’ (your behind). Pull up against your own weight. Pull for 10 seconds. Then put hands on the chair arms if available (if not, use sides of sturdy seat pan or top of your thighs if necessary). Push up for 10 seconds. Repeat the pull and push another time or two.  [Note: repetitions are less important than the full 10-second hold.]
  3. Clasp hands behind your back, as if for handcuffs. Slowly lower head with neck bent, and hold for a few seconds. Tilt or rotate head in other directions, with head down, neutral or back. Relax.

Together, these 3 movements work to both strengthen (if you hold as directed) and stretch. Yet you need not leave your seat. Additionally, aside from only taking 1-2 minutes, you need not stop work, reading or TV viewing while preforming each. You can even perform them – as the passenger – on long driving trips. Further, the quick series increases oxygen, breaks eye-lock and moves us away from static protracted positions, while strengthening several muscles.

Considering these results are from an almost-unnoticeable exercise, it’s a fruitful outcome for sitting in front of the screen or ‘boob tube’………
or when you least expect a picture to be taken.

Reference: Movement #2 is attributed to Dr. Tom Hyde, DC, DACBSP

Picture of sitting women via Pexils #272864


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