Community Radio – My Experience as a Mature Adult.  MICRO POST

Community Radio – My Experience as a Mature Adult. MICRO POST

Older voices aren’t always heard on the radio.  A friend, Kevin, once shocked me.  After I said I heard something on the Diane Rehm Show (now only available via podcast), he said, “I can’t listen to her.  She sounds like some old lady.”  First, she has a neurological throat disorder (spasmodic dysphonia).  Second, I briefly wondered if he would have been equally repelled by the voice of ‘some old man’.  More importantly however is the question, what if she did sound like an old lady?  So what?  Obviously, what should matter to us is the message of a ‘voice,’ not the quality.  [Some exception for musical performers, of course.]  This all brings me to the idea of more mature voices on Community Radio.

My most vivid memory of Community Radio (CR) looms large from a small town.  The station hailed from a mid-Atlantic growing suburb, near urban centers of D.C., but an area clinging to rural life.  For several hours every morning, there was an on-line auction where community members sold a myriad of items.  Initially, it struck me rather strange, but quite neat too;  and certainly helpful to avoid the drudgery  of yard sales.

Community Radio (CR) seems more sophisticated today.  Part of CR is a backlash to corporate syndications controlling the content of airwaves across the land.  Often these narrower frequencies are the only ones on which to hear new music, or certain nuanced news.  Astoundingly however, many of these CR stations (like my local, KSKQ) literally have ‘something for everyone.’  Check your local station’s schedule; you may be amazed as well.  I wanted to learn more.

Aging with Pizzazz often covers the concept of experiencing new things (such as in the post “Putting more FIRSTS in Life – Boondoggle or Benefit?”), as well as encouraging actual preparation of, and consultation with, a ‘Life List’ (lovingly known as a bucket list)  [See “Bucket-List Addition – Backyard Birding Literacy.”).  Following those ideas, but with a change of pace in presentation, let me share with you a unique experience for me.  A brief foray into Community Radio (CR).  I share this in part to demonstrate, all too clearly, that you too could be involved.  CR truly has a voice for all abilities, interests, views and ages.  It would be nice to amplify those voices Aging with Pizzazz around the country.
[Click below on the play button to listen to this short piece.]

Picture: Volunteers in KSKQ (southern Oregon) studio room. [Almost everyone at this CR is a volunteer.]
Woman preforming on audio: Nancy Gilmour

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