Blind as a Bat No More – Guest Writer

With this blog post, let me introduce a guest writer and friend, Lorraine Vail (author of From Any Window). I am privileged to have her write for Aging With Pizzazz and share an experience I have not had. Several people I know, and many I’ve heard in passing, complain of aging eyes and possible surgery. … Read moreBlind as a Bat No More – Guest Writer

A Dozen Things Learned During 2017

I have come to look forward to this yearly post more than most. In part, because throughout the year when a random research tidbit, news story or point-of-interest strikes me (health related or not), I file it away. Then as the New Year approaches, I am pleased to review them all again. It’s fun, and … Read moreA Dozen Things Learned During 2017

Year-End Clearance…in Aging Medicine Chests

Most likely, to confront commercialism during this gift-giving time of year, I often think about having a bit less ‘stuff’ around me. [A funny thought for a mild hoarder such as I am.] Thus, similarly to when spring-cleaning is in the air, at the end of the year I consider a clearance, such as cleaning … Read moreYear-End Clearance…in Aging Medicine Chests

Community Radio – My Experience as a Mature Adult. MICRO POST

Older voices aren’t always heard on the radio.  A friend, Kevin, once shocked me.  After I said I heard something on the Diane Rehm Show (now only available via podcast), he said, “I can’t listen to her.  She sounds like some old lady.”  First, she has a neurological throat disorder (spasmodic dysphonia).  Second, I briefly … Read moreCommunity Radio – My Experience as a Mature Adult. MICRO POST

Your Health on Day of the Dead

My brother, Rick, died as a young man, not even 50 years old. A fire-fighter, Rick suffered related long term health issues. They caught up with him long before his time was due. Older than me, I looked up to him as many younger sisters do. I remember him as adventurous, jolly and complicated. However, … Read moreYour Health on Day of the Dead

MICRO POST – 3 Activities for Screen & TV Sitting

For me, information-overload is constant. While sincerely interested in them, I keep half of my emails for a rainy day that never comes. I try to be aware of this phenomenon for my readers. Nevertheless, Mark Twain’s words come back to me as a warning much too frequently: “I didn’t have time to write a … Read moreMICRO POST – 3 Activities for Screen & TV Sitting

Sneezing. Healthy? Risky? Can it make you Rich?

“Ahhh-choo” “God, Bless you.” “Thanks.” It’s a rare day you don’t hear this exchange. Whether triggered by allergies, a cold, common daily routine or wildfire smoke, we all sneeze. I undoubtedly think more about why I am sneezing as opposed to how. We can live perfectly-fine, thank you, without being able to answer certain questions. … Read moreSneezing. Healthy? Risky? Can it make you Rich?

Putting More FIRST(s) in Life. Boondoggle or Benefit?

I suspect I wasn’t alone during August as I grew weary of hearing about the “Great American Solar Eclipse.” You couldn’t escape it. Ten months before it was barely a blip on my solar radar, until my brother-in-law explained the historic significance of the unusual occurrence. Being alerted early, I actually found lodging not too … Read morePutting More FIRST(s) in Life. Boondoggle or Benefit?

Is Loyalty to Your Pharmacy Misplaced?

I recall trips as a youngster to Mack Drugs, our local pharmacy in upstate New York. Preceding the trip, the doctor would tear off a hand-written prescription from his desk-top pad, place it in mom’s fingers and off we would march.  With the little scribbled paper gingerly protected, we drove to the same pharmacy we … Read moreIs Loyalty to Your Pharmacy Misplaced?

Fellowship of the Rope

I recently found myself in the middle of a make-shift reunion with some of my husband’s friends. As they met in our home, I played the quintessential ‘fifth wheel.’ At the same time, I had been considering a blog-nod to several of the friendship acknowledgement days coming up. Organizations around the world celebrate the noble … Read moreFellowship of the Rope