Putting More FIRST(s) in Life. Boondoggle or Benefit?

I suspect I wasn’t alone during August as I grew weary of hearing about the “Great American Solar Eclipse.” You couldn’t escape it. Ten months before it was barely a blip on my solar radar, until my brother-in-law explained the historic significance of the unusual occurrence. Being alerted early, I actually found lodging not too … Read more

Fellowship of the Rope

I recently found myself in the middle of a make-shift reunion with some of my husband’s friends. As they met in our home, I played the quintessential ‘fifth wheel.’ At the same time, I had been considering a blog-nod to several of the friendship acknowledgement days coming up. Organizations around the world celebrate the noble … Read more

Guest Writer’s Best Tips on Air Travel for Seniors

Note from drb: Say the word ‘summer’ and the idea of ‘vacation’ may not be far behind. I don’t have much planned for myself this year, but recently got back from a short car trip – in some ways an easier type of travel than most. Yet, there are pros and cons of all travel, … Read more

Blues Harmonica Experience

Do you know the answer to this question? Q: What is the range of a harmonica? A: It depends on the arm-strength of the pitcher Why did I learn that insulting and rather snobbish joke? Because I was taking a class on harmonica. Of all my posts, generally the most difficult are the ones I … Read more

Bucket List Addition: Backyard Birding Literacy

I will never be a ‘birder.’  It takes far too much discipline and determination.  Not to mention the almost vow-like commitment to long trips attempting to view the winged creatures, and early morning rising.  [Are they really just morning people to begin with?] I am not even including the birders who devote entire vacation allotments … Read more

Does Camping Qualify as FUN? – Maybe Yes, Maybe NO.

Now that summer is waning and the winds have started to disperse the smoke-drenched skies of the west, I can approach the question of camping in a more relaxed manner.  I may have the broadest definition of ‘camping’ than anyone you will ever meet.  To me it is any way to experience nature or sit … Read more

Just for Fun — Celebrate National Tell a Joke Day

It’s summer.  There should be a little fun here.  Posts about fun may not be my forte, but what the heck.  I guess I have always thought that the small joys experienced in our everyday life that make us laugh are best.  I enjoy these daily, and still tend to think that ‘joys’ and ‘jokes’ … Read more

MICRO POST….. Pi(e) Day is Coming — A Celebration of the Ages

I am posting this a few days early so you won’t miss Pi(e)day – a once in a lifetime occurrence.  On March 14, 2015 at exactly 9:26:53 am (and pm) it will be the long-awaited Pi time.  [These numbers: 3/14/15, 9:26:53 are the first 10 digits of Pi (π) the mathematical constant.] So let’s talk … Read more