Year-End Clearance…in Aging Medicine Chests

Most likely, to confront commercialism during this gift-giving time of year, I often think about having a bit less ‘stuff’ around me. [A funny thought for a mild hoarder such as I am.] Thus, similarly to when spring-cleaning is in the air, at the end of the year I consider a clearance, such as cleaning … Read moreYear-End Clearance…in Aging Medicine Chests

Your Health on Day of the Dead

My brother, Rick, died as a young man, not even 50 years old. A fire-fighter, Rick suffered related long term health issues. They caught up with him long before his time was due. Older than me, I looked up to him as many younger sisters do. I remember him as adventurous, jolly and complicated. However, … Read moreYour Health on Day of the Dead

Sneezing. Healthy? Risky? Can it make you Rich?

“Ahhh-choo” “God, Bless you.” “Thanks.” It’s a rare day you don’t hear this exchange. Whether triggered by allergies, a cold, common daily routine or wildfire smoke, we all sneeze. I undoubtedly think more about why I am sneezing as opposed to how. We can live perfectly-fine, thank you, without being able to answer certain questions. … Read moreSneezing. Healthy? Risky? Can it make you Rich?

Is Loyalty to Your Pharmacy Misplaced?

I recall trips as a youngster to Mack Drugs, our local pharmacy in upstate New York. Preceding the trip, the doctor would tear off a hand-written prescription from his desk-top pad, place it in mom’s fingers and off we would march.  With the little scribbled paper gingerly protected, we drove to the same pharmacy we … Read moreIs Loyalty to Your Pharmacy Misplaced?

Vitamin-D Craze — Fallacy or Function?

Have you jumped onto the popular Vitamin D bandwagon? Most likely, if you have visited your doctor recently and blood tests were ordered, a recommendation was made for this previously less-than-routine lab work (specifically, 25-Hydroxy Vit C, Calciferol, Total D2 & D3). My health care professional passionately suggested it. (She is actually an FNP – … Read moreVitamin-D Craze — Fallacy or Function?

Simple Back Pain Tips —— using a Secret Muscle

I recently experienced back pain while on a multi-day trip. Was it from too much driving? Hefting luggage? Dehydration? Hotel treadmill? Extended conference sitting? A poor-quality mattress? Everything combined? Who knows? But it was unexpected, and my hours were tightly scheduled ones in which I took little time to improve my condition. I should know … Read moreSimple Back Pain Tips —— using a Secret Muscle

One Ultimate KEY to Longevity — — Above ALL else

A friend recently sent me an article which proclaimed that a blogger won’t be healthier or happier based on how many posts he/she writes or how many followers they have.  Well, well.  I sighed. Then I immediately thought . . .  I’d be way happier with more readers.  But I digress.  The shared article wasn’t … Read moreOne Ultimate KEY to Longevity — — Above ALL else

Childbirth for Men – Guest Writer

Note from drb: As my regular readers have recognized, I strive for variety in my blog (and in life).  Considering that, I thought that you would enjoy hearing from a totally new voice once in a while.  As such, I have invited another writer, Wayne Morgan, to share a post on Aging with Pizzazz. [See … Read moreChildbirth for Men – Guest Writer

Quick & Easy Alternative ——— Immune-Boosting Hot Brew

Before the winter ends, I thought you might like to read about a cost-savings tip hopefully useful year-long.  I came upon it by chance.  The difference in price between a home-made vs. packaged product is substantial; but either way, the health advantage is worth consideration. I sought a quick hot drink one evening, but didn’t … Read moreQuick & Easy Alternative ——— Immune-Boosting Hot Brew

Heart Protection in 10 Seconds

I love the small steps I can take in life to improve myself or decrease risks of ill health and injury.  Let me rephrase that: I love them only when they are small.  The smaller, the better.  Teeny, best.  This does not mean that I don’t attempt more significant changes, but success with the more … Read moreHeart Protection in 10 Seconds