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Harvesting the Low Hanging Fruit

Low Hanging Fruit ?   Yes.
Today we have innumerable sources and resources for health related information and aging strategies.  There are ‘do(s) and don’t(s)’ of just about everything.  These sources include doctors, a myriad of websites, the guy at the gym, life insurance newsletters, the next door neighbor and dear old Aunt Hattie.  Some of it is good information – some of it maybe not.  [And I would not lay odds on the physician over Aunt Hattie.]

Aging with Pizzazz is about helping you harvest your own low-hanging fruit — not missing the easy stuff hanging right in front of you.  Things that:

  • You can do yourself
  • Will save you MONEY (and maybe time)
  • Are easy to understand
  • Offer you choices
  • Just give you something to think about
  • EMPOWER YOUR SECOND 50 YEARS (and beyond).

Whether BIG or small suggestions, some may be of value immediately, others at another time on your journey.  Decide for yourself.  Consider what is of value to you and what you are willing to do or not do.  My mission is to offer information; then you make the choices.  And there ARE choices – that’s why second opinions are always good.   Remember too that decisions that are right for you do not always consist of following directions or recommendations that make someone else money.

Aging with Pizzazz is not meant to be just another health care, fitness or aging blog.  I will not propose strict health care regimes nor offer personal diagnosis (that is a responsibility between you and your doctor).   Instead I seek to offer an exchange of ideas that you can incorporate into your life.

Think of this as a smorgasbord of options for you to increase your chances of living — in the most comfortable shape you can — for as long as you are happy.  Aging with Pizzazz, is about quality longevity on your own terms to empower your Second 50 years.

Dr B.
By the way, yes, I did have an old Aunt Hattie.

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