MICRO POST – 3 Activities for Screen & TV Sitting

For me, information-overload is constant. While sincerely interested in them, I keep half of my emails for a rainy day that never comes. I try to be aware of this phenomenon for my readers. Nevertheless, Mark Twain’s words come back to me as a warning much too frequently: “I didn’t have time to write a … Read more

Sneezing. Healthy? Risky? Can it make you Rich?

“Ahhh-choo” “God, Bless you.” “Thanks.” It’s a rare day you don’t hear this exchange. Whether triggered by allergies, a cold, common daily routine or wildfire smoke, we all sneeze. I undoubtedly think more about why I am sneezing as opposed to how. We can live perfectly-fine, thank you, without being able to answer certain questions. … Read more