Are Houseplants Fun? Decorative? …….Or a Longevity Asset?

“No more houseplants,” I emphatically declared when I relocated a couple years ago.  I didn’t want to be bothered with their maintenance.  I was moving to a place with considerably lush landscaping compared to where I had lived in Scottsdale, Arizona.  This is despite the fact that the Valley of the Sun (encompassing Scottsdale, Phoenix … Read more

Are YOU Ready? Never Too Old for a Dozen NEW Tips.

A primary goal of the Aging with Pizzazz blog is capturing low-hanging fruit.  Working with and writing about longevity from a simple point-of-view, one of my favorite pieces of advice has always been: Avoid the Landmines. Obvious huh?  Nevertheless, whether it involves defensive driving, not smoking, thwarting slips and falls, emergency planning, or any other … Read more