How do you Stop a Charley Horse? …… Is Riding it Out all we can do?

On a startlingly clear summer night several weeks ago, I was enjoying an outdoor grilling with friends on an upper-story deck overlooking mountains, with birds flitting in the trees next to us and a breeze providing the perfect temperature after an uncomfortably hot day.  Following a lovely dinner, a bottle of wine and a bit … Read more

Summer Confessions of a 1st time Snowshoer… Subtitle: Should Older People Snowshoe?

Snow? In August?  Why are we going to discuss snow in August?  It is not just an attempt to remember cool times during the hottest period of the year.  That’s good too, but it is the perfect time to consider if the winter sport of snowshoeing is suitable for ‘your old bones’.  And if so, … Read more