Maximizing Your POTTY Potential

I have a friend who at one time found my suggestions for a bathroom remodel humorous after I said “the biomechanics of a lower commode aid in elimination for a more complete evacuation.”  I remember he look at me oddly and then guffawed.  I translated into graphic English for him, which I won’t share here.  But … Read moreMaximizing Your POTTY Potential

Do we still ‘Make a Difference’ after a certain age?

Do people still ‘see’ us?  Do we continue to matter as we get older? Quietly over the winter, a long time woman activist left this world.  Lucky for us she left something behind – an impressive example. I didn’t know her well.  Yes, I met her once, but simply by accident.  You may have actually … Read moreDo we still ‘Make a Difference’ after a certain age?