Buying into ‘Health Bounce’ Fitness – But at $25 or $450?

“Buy quality.’  It is an interesting directive.  Most people I have heard weighing in on this, whether friends, family or Hollywood celebs, tout the sentiment.  I have one friend whose mother taught her that ‘buying quality means buying less’ (implying that quality items last longer, or do a better job).  I doubt that this particular … Read moreBuying into ‘Health Bounce’ Fitness – But at $25 or $450?

Probate Not The End of the World?

Personal Interview with David Savage, a CFP Professional…. Walking back from my post box, I recently saw a familiar sight.  I had received my 1,000,000th invitation to a free dinner to inform me about handling the assets they assume I have and more specifically how to make a living trust.  That millionth number might be … Read moreProbate Not The End of the World?