The Happiness Trap – How to Avoid Snares

I have a close friend who hates the word ‘happy’ and rather detests being asked if she is happy.   “It’s like a trick question” she once told me.   Yet, I know another man who adamantly insists that no matter what his mood changes are, he KNOWS that ‘happiness’ is the same as contentment (pure and … Read moreThe Happiness Trap – How to Avoid Snares

Passive Heating – for People – not just Places

A post for April 15th (tax day) has to have some reward attached.  This one is special, containing an idea with both pleasure and benefit.  Before moving to Oregon we had a spa (hot tub).  It was relaxing and very little trouble – mainly because we didn’t own it and it wasn’t our responsibility.  Along … Read morePassive Heating – for People – not just Places

Alzheimer’s & Diabetes Collude

What you can do to mitigate damage Partially I am writing as penance for the pie-plug on my last post about Pi(e).  So here goes.  I am obligated to take continuing education credits, and I recently took a course on ‘Reversing Diabetes’ and the different types – 1,1.5, 2 and 3.    “Really” you may wonder … Read moreAlzheimer’s & Diabetes Collude