Avoiding Just 5 will Get You By – Part II

The WORST of additives & preservatives to avoid Part II You will remember from Part I that I have a QUICK list of 5 categories to avoid in food.   As I mention in that part if you can eliminate all five (5) you would be taking a VAST step in cleaning up your additives act.  … Read more

Avoiding Just 5 Will Get You By -Part I

 The Worst of additives & preservatives to avoid Part I Reading the Summary Here’s the deal.  For those of you who like short articles only, if you read the first few sections below and want to stop – you will have most of the information you need. Aside from allowing your eyes to glaze over … Read more

Plain speaking about hiccups – or not?

  I have actually had rather few doctors in my life, but I have had enough to know that they are not all created equally.  I have had more in the alternative world but some in the traditional medical field as well (not to mention the complimentary specialists).  Some of these physicians have spoken in … Read more